Web Design

Every website by kliVOM is custom designed to meet the client's specifications. kliVOM uses the latest technologies when designing for mobile or desktop.  We utilize Responsive Design techniques when you need to ensure your application works across all touch and traditional desktop devices, while also keeping load times to a minimum. kliVOM ensures each website is easy to navigate and contains content that is arranged so the viewer can quickly understand the mission of the website. kliVOM  strives to make each website creative, attractive and appealing to the intended audience.

Graphic Design

When designing your logo, kliVOM will take into consideration the clientele you are trying to attract, the image you desire to project and any unique characteristics you would like to include. kliVOM will provide you with up to 4 logo design options to choose from, and will work with you to modify the logo to your satisfaction.

We also provide a wide range of print media services. Such services include but are not limited to: business cards, brochures and t-shirt designs.

kliVOM will work directly with your printing vendor to ensure our layouts meet the standards and qualifications of your vendor.

Web Application Development

kliVOM will work with you to understand your specific needs and then design custom solutions that will enable your company to become better organized and more efficient. kliVOM designs each application with the user in mind. kliVOM includes the necessary security features when dealing with sensitive data and also ensures that response times are kept to a minimum.

Database Backup

At kliVOM we realize the importance of backing up your critical data, which is why we are now offering a Database Backup Service. If your company maintains client data, employee data, product data or any other mission critical data, you will want to make sure this information is securely backed up on a regular basis. This means if your current database ever becomes corrupted, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your critical information has not been lost.

Why risk losing your important data? Why risk experiencing long-term downtime and not having access to a key part of your website for days or weeks because you are trying to rebuild your online store or online employee/client database? With our Database Backup Service, any downtime due to database corruption will be minimized because we will already have your information on hand.

We are currently offering the following backup packages to help provide you with that peace of mind you deserve:

Daily Backups ($40/month)

  • Your database is backed up once a day. You choose the time you would like your daily backups to occur.
  • Setup fee is waived.
  • Includes unlimited restores should your database ever become corrupted and need to be restored.

Weekly Backups ($25/month)

  • Your database is backed up once a week. You choose the time you would like your daily backups to occur.
  • Setup fee is waived.
  • Restore fee of $250 should your database become corrupted and need to be restored.

Monthly Backups ($10/month)

  • Your database is backed up once a month.
  • One time setup fee of $40.
  • Restore fee of $250 should your database become corrupted and need to be restored.

Receive a 10% discount on any package by signing up for a full year.

Web Maintenance

kliVOM can maintain your website over varying periods. We can maintain your site until you feel comfortable doing it yourself or you can just hire us to provide maintenance on a continual basis. Why spend numerous hours trying to update your website? Let the experts do it! Hiring kliVOM means you will receive quick turnaround time, and you will be freed up to successfully run and operate your business.

We offer "pay as you go" hourly rates, as well as, monthly plans. Each plan is geared to meet your specific maintenance needs.

Contact us today with your specific requirements, and we will provide you with a timely estimate.

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Before beginning work on your project request, we will require a 50% deposit. The remaining amount will be due upon your final approval. While under development, all concepts are the property of kliVOM. Any unauthorized duplications of any items displayed on our website will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.